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Anonymous: Can you ship me with exo?? <3 I am 1,54 cm, female, tan with curly brown hair and eyes(and a bit chubby :P ). I like drawing, singing, volleyball, watching anime and being on the internet. I am cheerful and talkative generally and laugh a lot(about everything), but enjoy silence with people I am comfortable with. People also say I give good advice. Thank you!!

I ship you with Minseok :]

Anonymous: Hi again ^^ shipping with shnee I'm cheerful but in first meeting with a guy I'm shy, I can't make an eye contact with them, later when I get comfortable I become cheerful & loud. I act cute sometimes but not on purpose they just come out like pouting or smiling a big smile & waving body from side to side. as lover I love to cuddle a lot. usually I'm positive but sometimes I become so negative. love fairytales, drawing & horror movies. I'm chubby but I'm working on losing wight. thxx again

I ship you with Minho :]

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kpop shipping
Anonymous: Confession- I've been into kpop since 2008 and the band that got my attention is DBSK, since then there was no band that got my attention till 2016 when I 1st saw BTS. I got the same feelings I had when I 1st saw dbsk! But still dbsk/jyj are my number1 but for the 1st time I feel like I want to look through a band's songs ext like dbsk

That’s awesome! It’s such a great feeling when you connect with a band and their music like that

Anonymous: Confession- Jungkooki became an adult yet I feel guilty to look at him as an adult ^^" I think I'm weird cause I dont feel the same about Yugeom or I.M although all of them are same age XD p.s: I'm older by like 9 or 10 years

I feel like it has something to do with how young Jungkook was when he debuted, and how much of a “child” image he had with a lot of the fandom at the time. I have the same issue with Zelo; he’s been my bias since he and Yongguk released Never Give Up, but even now that he’s an adult, he’s still an itty bitty kiddo to me

Anonymous: Confession - I feel guilty that I threw Kookie to the side from being my bias and traded him for Yoongi like it was no big deal. - Guilty anon

Shit happens, man. You can’t control who you’re attracted to

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kpop confessions
Anonymous: I fucking love you 😆😆😆😆😆😆 (don't know why i cursed)

It’s okay love, you’re allowed to curse on the internet 😜

And I fucking love you more 😗😗😗


This week’s song recommendation is JOO’s, “Bad Guy”

joo song recommendation
Anonymous: Could you do the latest infinite ranking for jyj and exid? Thank you

Original Post


  1. Yoochun
  2. Jaejoong
  3. Junsu


  1. Hani
  2. Solji
  3. LE
  4. Hyelin
  5. Jeonghwa

jyj exid Anonymous
Anonymous: Hi I got a Q, how do you think Jungkook of BTS would feel around a noona friend who is older than him by like 10 years calls him KOOKII!, spoil him, pinch his cheeks, cause she sees him as a kid although he's an adult now but the idea or 10 years gap still makes her look at him as a kid?

I think it would slightly depend on how he feels about her; whether he views her as just a friend, or something more. With a friend, he would definitely voice his opposition to the childish nickname and antics, but I can see him being more embarrassed about it with someone he likes and, instead, trying to prove to her through his actions that he’s mature. Either way, he would not like it in the least bit.

bts Anonymous
Anonymous: Can you link me to the kwangsoo tag?


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kpop shipping
Anonymous: Hey can you ship me with Got7? I'm 5'1, African American, big nose and brown eyes, medium hair (bc I cut it). I have an hourglass shape, literally! I'm also a high school cheerleader. I love R&B, hip hop and pop and I'm pretty shy but once you get to know me and loud and fun to be around. Thank you!!

We ship you with Jackson :]

Anonymous: Oh my god you shipped me with Jimin my bias!! 😍😍 I never had that in my mind hahaha. Thxxxxxx

Hahaha glad you liked your ship! ❤